Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

As we count down to our next adventure, we wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!  Start planning your trip to come see us!  Malawi 2010!

Sandy and me on Christmas Eve


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6 responses to “Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

  1. alex Evans

    fantastic blog.
    we will follow closely, pray for you, miss you and love you!!

    • Hi kate ,

      you guys are so cute !! Al helwa and her husband .. thanks for your new year email… happiness of 2010 ..I wish it will accompany you guys whilst you are in Malawi and everywhere …

      your Iraqi sister !!

  2. Hey you two…. when you read this, you will be in your new home in Malawi! God bless you with wonderful new friends to meet, with a great sense of purpose and joy, and with lots of sunscreen! I’ll be praying for you each and every day! I love you!

  3. Sandy and Kate,
    We have been thinking about you a lot and are so looking forward to hearing about your first days in your new home in Malawi.
    We loved the Christmas Eve picture and are so glad you have this blog. What a great idea–
    You are both so beautiful!Love from Mary & Ron.

  4. Susan Carter

    Kate and Sandy are safely in their new home in Malawi and should have internet by the week of January 11 — cannot wait to read of their travel to Blantyre and what they are finding in their grand new home.

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