Counting down…

We’re having a quiet new year’s evening, packing and getting excited about this new adventure.  We made one last visit to REI today to use our gift certificate (thank you Taylor family!). 

We are counting down to January 4th.  Early Monday morning we have a fifteen hour flight from Washington DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  I am hoping to be able to sleep on the flight – or watch movies – or drink heavily, hoping the alcohol will lessen the terror I feel when flying.  We will then have a one hour lay-over in Addis – which will proabably mean we will be running to catch the only flight of the day to Malawi and may mean our luggage won’t make it.  Our five hour flight to Lilongwe (the capitol) will hopefully go by quickly and then we have at least a four hour drive from Lilongwe to Blantyre – our new home!

I hope to be on-line again once we’re there and settled.  Much love to our family and friends and HAPPY HAPPY New Year!


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3 responses to “Counting down…

  1. 2frugalfoodies

    Happy new year! We love you and can’t wait to read more on your great blog! -MK&G

  2. Kate! I just found this via facebook… anyway, I’m on that Ethiopian Air flight from DC to Addis, via Rome — but on SUNDAY instead of Monday! I was so excited for a second but oh well!

  3. Kenny

    Glad ya’ll made it – what does the site name mean? ( I got the ya’ll part)
    Trivia – What hit movie referenced Addis Ababa? Hint – the villian’s initials were LL.
    Kennedy to take GMAT Tuesday – Good Luck.
    Snow predicted for Columbia tonight – 1″ !! Got to stock up on beer and bread.

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