While there is a pretty large community of white people or ‘azungu,’ we still seem to be something of a novelty.  Malawians are friendly and smile, but often stare at us.  Little children target us for our extra ‘kwatcha’ and know the exact face that will make us pull out all of our money and hand it over.  I think it will take some getting used to hearing little kids yell ‘AZUNGU’ and point at us as we are going by.  All of our experiences though have shown the people here as quick to make you feel welcome and part of the family.

And oh. my. goodness, I have never seen so many cute children.  Especially the ones strapped to the backs of their mothers or older siblings so you can only see their little heads and little legs swinging down.  There are two cute children who live in the apartment below us.  Maybe I can babysit!

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  1. Barb

    Hmmm – not there a week and you have fallen in love with the children!!!! Wondering what kind of souvenirs you will be bringing home in two years!

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