Dinner by Headlamp

Sunday evening, suddenly, and without warning, the electricity stopped.  Apparently, they shut off power to various neighborhoods about once a month to conserve energy. 

It is a little unnerving, but thanks to Sandy’s previous time in Malawi, we were ready for it.  We received headlamps and flashlights for Christmas and were excited to try them out. 

The lights worked well, but unfortunately, it was the dinner hour.  Sandy, like a seasoned Top Chef contestant, was ready for the culinary challenge; he lit the gas stove and cooked – by headlamp. 

Dinner was delicious, but I would not recommend headlamps as a replacement for candles when trying to create a romantic mood.  We kept blinding each other when we looked up to make eye contact.


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3 responses to “Dinner by Headlamp

  1. 2frugalfoodies

    looks like egg-in-a-holes! the perfect meal to ease the homesickness. love you!

  2. Barb

    I certainly would try to have an ample supply of candles on hand……..

  3. Michelle

    That is hysterical about blinding each other!!! It sounds like you are really getting adjusted to your new suroundings. Love your blog.

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