Two weeks later..

Just a quick update: It’s been a pretty slow week so not too much to report.  Sandy is loving work and getting more involved in projects.  I have fallen into a good routine.  The biggest surprise is that I’ve become a morning person!  It’s like someone flipped a switch, as now I wake up at 5:30 am every morning – even Saturday.   Sandy and I have tea and watch the morning news.  Cathy comes at 6:00 am Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  After Sandy leaves, I try and learn some Chichewa, read, watch terrible South African soap operas, etc.  My big project this week has been painting the main room.  It’s almost finished and I’ll post before and after pictures.  We had dinner last night with the head of Sandy’s office.  He has a great house and was incredibly welcoming.  He seems to know all of the Blantyre secrets – where to get meat, where to get wine, to bake your own bread… Yesterday was also our three year anniversary – so hard to believe it’s been three years!

It rains everyday – mostly big thunderstorms in the afternoons.  It rains really hard for short durations  and because the storms are isolated, you might hear thunder but have bright blue skies.  There is a constant breeze and we keep the windows open all day.  Around 5:00 in the afternoons, you can hear singing in the distance.

Sandy is mastering our quirky kitchen.  He roasted a chicken the other night which was delicious.  We have an elderly farmer who visits a few nights a week bringing produce to sell.  He was very disappointed to hear that I don’t like cauliflower.


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6 responses to “Two weeks later..

  1. Susan

    And now you HAVE to learn to eat cauliflower for the sake of that dear farmer

  2. Nancy Crawford

    Beautiful! I love the pictures and your descriptive blog entries make it so easy to imagine being right there with you! Big hugs from all 5 of us!!! Love, Nancy

  3. 2frugalfoodies

    wow. amazing photos. can’t wait to see the painted room! sounds like fun! love you.

  4. Ginger

    Loved seeing your faces yesterday! Love the pics and updates. Love you both more than words can say!

  5. Barb

    What is the singing in the distance at 5:00?? It sounds like you are adjusting well and becoming part of the village…..up at 5:30 though??? Glad to hear Sandy is liking the work too and that you are keeping busy and happy. So good to see the beauty of the countryside – you must see some incredible wildlife. Keep up the good work on the blog…..

  6. Jessikah

    I love the blog and all the pictures. Now I can actually picture you and boyfriend there when I am missing you guys.

    Kate – did you say you are drinking tea in the mornings? What about your fake coffee???

    Let’s skype soon!

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