Jungle Pepper and Beyond

I love pizza so much.  If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one food, I would pick pizza.  I love it so much that before we left, my friend Liz googled “pizza in Blantyre” to be sure  I would have it in Malawi.  She found Jungle Pepper Pizza’s website and we were able to peruse the menu.  Thus, while I was faced with many uncertainties in moving to Malawi, I was completely confident that I would be trying a jungle pepper pizza with mango and curried chicken.
Since arriving, I have had pizza from several different locations.  Kips has a good, standard cheese pizza.  Good crust thickness and lots of flavorful cheese.  Ali Baba, however, I found disappointing.  I had heard that it was the standard around here, but there was too much sauce and not enough cheese. They also gave me looks when I ordered the large and ate the whole thing.

Then there’s Jungle Pepper Pizza.  It is excellent.   The pizza we had, with mango and curried chicken, had so much flavor and just the right amount of crust and sauce.  And it’s take out so they can’t judge how much I’m eating.

We spent Friday night in the little town of Mulanje and Sandy took me to the Italian restaurant there that he had frequented four years ago.  Called Pizzeria Basilico, it is a romantic little place with a porch, a woodfire grill, and a view of the mountain.  We each ordered our own pizza and had a view of the preparation and the oven.  We watched them pick fresh basil leaves, used freshly baked dough, and shredded mozzarella cheese from a huge block.  It was an amazing, Italian style pizza, with thin crust, light and sweet sauce, and the freshest ingredients.   It wins as best pizza in Malawi – but the competition continues…

As a side note, I should mention that Sandy’s pizza is exceptional.  It probably wins best pizza in Malawi but I won’t count it because it already won best pizza in Washington DC by my count.  He makes his own dough and knows me well enough to use the right amount of sauce and only put onions on his side.


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7 responses to “Jungle Pepper and Beyond

  1. Ginny

    Sounds like you could be a food critic!!!

  2. Barb

    Okay – travel logs AND food critic all in one! Love your descriptive writings and nice that you gave Sandy the award for best pizza ever. Glad to also know that pizza is indeed an international food……

  3. Mary R.

    Loved the pizza commentary. Does Jungle Pepper Pizza deliver or better yet, can Sandy make one of his specials and jet it over?!
    Happy Valentines to both of you from both of us!!

  4. Hi Kate,

    we miss you here in the IRC/Silver Spring office, enjoy Africa!!


  5. BB

    Happy Valentine’s to you two. Can’t wait to read more of your adventures…

  6. Jenni Harper

    Hi Kate and Sandy!

    my grandpa emailed me the link to your blog and I have been looking through all the entries..sounds like you’re having an amazing time! It makes me want to be back in Malawi recognising all the places you talk about in the blogs and miss the way of life over there. Jungle pepper pizza was the best pizza I tried in Malawi and takes a lot to beat!

    love to you both from all the Harpers and I hope you continue to enjoy living in Malawi xxxxx Jenni

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