Lazy Sunday

It’s just a lazy Sunday morning here – It’s pouring rain and Sandy’s in the kitchen making pancakes listening to “Baby Got Back.”  Yes, he is singing along – and probably dancing. 


Not exactly maple syrup

The rain here is different than home – there is little wind, so it falls straight down at a steady pace.  It’s very soothing and relaxing. 


I’m currently watching an overly dramatic South African Soap Opera – it’s a classic one with illegitimate children, catty women, two men fighting over one woman, and, of course, a rhinoceros, dead at the hands of poachers. 

Soap operas seem to be really big here.  In South Africa, they have served a real purpose, tackling issues like HIV/AIDS, race relations, homosexuality, and other controversial topics.  So, as we watch exaggerated acting and the camera cutting away after characters stare at each other to swelling melodramatic music, we are becoming more enlightened. 

Now, though the rain is affecting our satellite contact and it looks like I won’t find out who the fathered Gracie’s baby.

On another note, South Africa also has some very good commercials.  Here are two of my favorites:

This one is for a Women’s Car Insurance Company

Here is one for Savanna Cider

And here is an American one… becuase it’s hilarious!  (Thank you, Wizzie!)

Enjoy you tube-ing and make yourself some pancakes!


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3 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. Susie

    Hysterical ads– it’s dry but you can drink it! I wish Sandy were here making pancakes but then we would not get to read these fabulous blogs. You two are doing such a great job of helping all of us be there with you. Will it rain all day?

    Love to you from us!

  2. Barb

    My kind of Sunday – rain, pancakes, your man and entertainment. Sounds quite lovely and good to know you two do get a lazy day once in a while……

  3. Just found your blog, moving to Lilongwe this summer and currently obsessing by searching the web incessantly for anything related to Malawi. I am glad I found your blog. I am still laughing over the insurance commercial. I can’t wait until my husband gets home so I can make him watch it.

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