Two Months in Malawi

Just a quick update because we’ve been so busy getting everything ready for Meghan and Kate’s visit! It should be a perfect whirlwind tour of Malawi starting this Saturday. We’re also finally enjoying some nice weather! Fingers crossed it stays this way!

We can’t believe we’ve been here two months.  Time seems to be flying by and we’re feeling more comfortable, happy and at home…

Sunday we climbed one of the three mountains that circle Blantyre. Again, I thought we were going for a nice Sunday morning walk and it ended up being a four hour hike, but it was really lovely. It is a protected wildlife sanctuary and it was lush and beautiful because of all the rain. There were areas of the path that were completely taken over by elephant grass growing taller than Sandy. It felt like we were deep in the jungle and in need of pith helmets. We saw guinea fowl, lizards, birds, rock rabbits… and more monkeys!

Traipsing through the elephant grass


 The view from the top was gorgeous. Again, the pictures don’t do it justice, but we could see all the way to the Zomba plateau.

The halfway point

Sandy at the top

Sunday afternoon we joined some friends for a Brai (South African term for Bar-B-Q). They live in a nice neighborhood and have a little bit of land, so they raise chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowl. Must be a totally different zoning system here. They used to have just two adult turkeys, but recently, a third mysteriously showed up in their yard. This is particularly strange because their land is surrounded by a tall brick wall and electric wiring and no one knows where it came from – they asked all of their neighbors and no one was missing a turkey… So now they have three adult turkeys.

Turkey chased by guinea fowl

We managed to watch the Oscars on Monday with some friends. We weren’t allowed to cheat and look at the winners beforehand but this wasn’t a problem for me since we didn’t have electricity all day.

So while things are a little quiet right now, get ready to hear about our adventures with Meghan and Kate next week, including two days a game park…


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8 responses to “Two Months in Malawi

  1. Susan Carter

    Breathtaking scenery for sure. Are you learning to communicate with the monkeys? Are they all the same species? As for the turkey, probably from Durand Mill!!

  2. BB

    If I had been there, they would be back down to 2 turkeys and some full bellies.

    When a particular monkey shows up that we both know, you need to make sure he doesn’t get mixed up with the other monkeys. He does know the rule about “never monkeying with another monkey’s monkey”.

  3. Robin

    Hey you two! Almost looks like Pickens County in those photos!!! Sounds like you all are really having a wonderful time!!! YOOHOO! xo

  4. Ginny

    I love the pictures! You two are cute!

  5. Barb

    I think I would be a little wary the next time Sandy wants to go for a “stroll” as his little walks seem to have a way of ending up as a hike up a big mountain! It looks gorgeous and you two DO look happy – we miss you but delighted that all is working out so well……you seem well adjusted. Cat yet???? The turkey in the picture almost looks albino???

  6. Arline Riley

    Great pictures. Hmmm..Sandy always tricks you into these “walks.” Just curious, how close do these monkeys get to you while you are hiking? Keep the stories coming…we love them!

  7. Ginger

    Are Meghan and Kate ready for sports camp?

  8. Chelsea

    I love the monkey picture, and I’m jealous of all the great hiking!!

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