I love Target!

I have a post about the lake that I want to upload, but it will take awhile as I have lots of pictures! Slow internet is so frustrating! In the meantime, I had an interesting experience yesterday. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been carrying this great handbag that my mom gave me for Christmas. It’s small and easy to protect from pick-pockets. With this new work I’m doing, however, I needed a big tote so I can take my laptop around with me. So off I went to the market to do some shopping.

Most of the vendors were selling cheap Chinese bags with shiny leather and lots of decorative fringe and hardware. Aside from being expensive (around $30) they aren’t really my style. So I moved on to a different part of the market. Here they were selling items from the US – t-shirts, sweaters, tennis shoes, belts, dresses, a huge mountain of men’s pants, etc. Things that we donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army or somewhere like that. There was a small pile of bags of every description that I sorted through until I found a black tote bag that looked pretty good. It was pretty beat up but a nice size and shape and the price was right (about $4). It turns out, upon closer inspection, that it is a bag from Target – one that I had admired when I was at home and almost bought on about eight different occasions. I love Target!  So, here I am, in Africa, buying a second hand tote bag… from Target!

It’s always fun to see Malawians wearing hats or shirts supporting sports teams or colleges that have been donated from the US. I’ve seen a Carolina Panthers shirt, a Michael Vick Falcons jersey, a Georgia Tech hat, and many others… I keep waiting to see a Davidson shirt – I would probably tackle the person wearing it and ask them to take a picture with me. Sandy always wants to do the hokie chant to people wearing Virginia Tech stuff, but I think that would be confusing for them… and not a little frightening.

All of this reminds me of a story I read awhile ago about a woman who ran into a young child in Rwanda wearing a sweater she had donated eleven years earlier. It inspired her to start her own non-profit… the story is here: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Chance-Encounters-The-Blue-Sweaters-African-Odyssey. It makes you think about how very connected we all are!


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5 responses to “I love Target!

  1. Susan Carter

    Your story DOES reinforce what a tiny planet we call home and how we are all live but a few degrees of separation. Thank you, Kate, for this great story (and for the compliment on the bag!!)

    Love you two so —

  2. Barb

    We ARE all connected in this SMALL world. Cute story and glad you found the bag of your dreams! Hope your work is going well……..having your mama over for dinner tonight. Beautiful spring weather here and will dine on the patio…….love to you both

  3. Michelle

    The photos from your trip to the lake for Easter were beautiful and it really looks like you are at a tropical resort. Sounds like you are keeping busy and really enjoying your new surroundings. It is amazing how small of a world we live in and that you were able to find a bag from Target!!

    Love all of your stories and miss you both. Let me know if you have any Madonna sightings as I hear she has been in Malawi for the ground breaking of her new school 🙂

  4. Mary Rordam

    Oh Kate, loved the Target handbag story and just the reminder of how small the world is.
    We think of y’all so often and loved seeing you with Skype. We loved the new Richmond house!
    It is a beautiful spring here–redbuds in great profusion. Another April 16th has passed. It was a gorgeous day with Tech and the town joining together with the Big Event–students volunteering in the community–it was so good–
    So glad Jenny is coming! Glad Ginger & Alec are too. Hope Mary Katherine and G. can come after graduation!
    Love your stories and pictures. Thanks so much for giving your Malawian world to us.
    Love, Mary and Ron.

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