Sandy is now a cat person.

So we have really gone on and on about all of the great things about Malawi: the people, the food, the lake, the mountains, etc.  There are, however, some downsides to living in Africa.  One is that it is quite common to have mice in your house and recently, our apartment building had one. 

I hate mice.  I hate them.  I can handle snakes, spiders, cockroaches, etc, but not mice.  If you’ve seen Ratatouille, I’m the old lady in the beginning who uses anything from a shotgun to poison gas to try and kill the rats.  So when we saw a mouse in our kitchen, I freaked out. 

Despite my horror, I got very little sympathy from Malawians.  A local delicacy is charred mouse on a stick.  One guy said, “oh, we had a mouse in the house yesterday!  The kids went crazy they were so excited!  They chased it all around and had a great time!”  Well, that’s fine, but we needed to find a solution.

We tried to be humane and use traps but that failed.  Then we tried poison but the mice here are too smart for that.  So we decided to get a cat.

This was not an easy sell as Sandy is not a cat person.  We got an email last week advertising a three year old cat who needs a new home.  She was rescued from the SPCA in Lilongwe and owned by an British teacher who was headed home.  She had all of her shots and was in good health. 

Last night, she arrived here to her new home.  We’ve decided to call her Soche, after one of the mountains surrounding Blantyre.  She’s precious.  She’s very friendly and curious and loves people.  She follows us around the apartment and purrs if you just look at her. 

Sandy, the non-cat person, is sitting here, dragging a cord across the floor, trying to engage her in a game.  She’s looking at him like he’s crazy.


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6 responses to “Sandy is now a cat person.

  1. Susie

    Scout and Boo send greetings. They are going to tell her how to DESTROY furniture.

  2. Nancy

    She is beautiful!!! Now tell her to get busy! I feel the same way about mice! Perfect solution!

  3. Nathalie

    Aww precious kitty!!!! Love reading your blog, it sounds like you guys have having a great time! XOXO, Nathalie

  4. Bill

    I am sitting here imaging Sandy throwing a tennis ball, expecting the cat to bring it back. Meanwhile, Kate watches, shaking her head. Now imagining Sandy running to get the ball excitedly trying to model the cat’s expected behavior. Repeat 7-8 times. All this, followed by Sandy saying, “See, Kate, cats are worthless. We should have bought a croc.”

  5. barb

    So so glad you have a new member of the family and that Sandy is adapting……picture please and watch your furniture!!!!! Hope she does her job well too.

  6. shane

    I’m the same way. I can handle pretty much any kind of pest, except rodents. They are the grossest creatures alive. I have a cat, but the thought of her catching and eating a mouse makes me sick. I just use traps. I want them dead. This trap I recently used completely sealed the mouse so I didn’t have to see it ever again. Fine by me!

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