Mexican Night

We hosted some friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo… 

Grating some cheese

There is no where to buy tortillas or “mexican cheese” but with such good fresh produce, we thought it would be a great idea. We decided to make our own corn and flour tortillas, much like the frugal foodies, and then had a great selection of other food: fresh huge avocados, cilantro, onions, green peppers, two kinds of cheese, chicken, beef, etc.

Pink Margaritas

It was a great success and the food turned out really well. Unfortunately, Sandy greeted our guests at the door looking like this.  This was his response to Kevin’s handlebar mustache from the weekend before.  No one could carry on a serious conversation with him the whole night…

Such a good look...


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3 responses to “Mexican Night

  1. Susie

    THE BEARD is gone!!! Oh woe!

  2. barb

    You don’t really need “Mexican” cheese – you can boil one half cup milk and add two cups shredded American or cheddar and some pickled jalapenos or fresh ones and you have cheese dip. Think I liked Sandy la Pepe’ better with the full beard…….was your Mexican feast for Cinco de Mayo ala Africa????

  3. Jessikah

    Boyfriend – the mustache is scaring me.

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