June Update

Sunset against Zomba plateau

And we’re back!  So sorry for disappearing – we’ve had internet problems and couldn’t load pictures.  But we’ve had lots of fun the past few weeks…

Oh my goodness it’s so cold here!  The past week has been overcast, windy, rainy, and cold.  I’ve been complaining to Malawians who look at me and say, “um, well, it’s winter….”   So while friends and family were enjoying a warm, summery, Memorial Day weekend, we are here craving Thanksgiving dinner.  I had to go to the market to shop for sweaters! 

The colors have changed as well.  When we arrived, everything was lush and green.  Now the landscape is has many more tints of brown and dark green.  It is very much as you would picture dusty, dry, Africa. 

Winter Landscape

The winter sunlight is gorgeous – it makes for beautiful sunsets every night.

We can’t believe it is June already.  It’s a big month for us – Ginny is coming on Friday.  The World Cup is starting.  We are surrounded by European and African friends who live and breathe soccer (or football) and we are trying to learn to be enthusiastic.  We are jumping on the band wagon and cheering on the US team.  All of Africa is so excited and proud that the World Cup is here.   

So we’ll be better about posting – we miss our family and friends so much!


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3 responses to “June Update

  1. Arline Riley

    We miss you too! Everyone must be so excited about the World Cup. Keep the pictures coming…we love them.
    Hugs to both of you…

  2. BB

    Today has been a Kate blog bonanza!

  3. 2frugalfoodies

    All of the recent pictures are amazing. We miss you!! Ginny is so excited to be flying over tomorrow. We’re so jealous. Keep up the good blogging! Love you so much!

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