Weekend at the Lake

This past weekend we had an amazing time at the lake.  Twelve of us stayed at Conforzi Cottage, an old mansion built in the 50’s on its own private beach.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  The cottage has wide a wide veranda that stretches the length of the building, a lovely main room with a huge dining table, and an amazing kitchen.  It has its own wide stretch of beach from which you can relax next to the lake’s crystal blue waters.  You can see the mountains far in the distance on the other side of the lake and a small island in between.  To the immediate right of the beach there is a large hill.  From the top, you can look over the wide landscape to see villages and baobab trees dotting the horizon. 


The beach and a new friend

View from the hillside

The cottage

Our private beach

We had a great time playing games, reading, relaxing, and eating and drinking too much.  The cottage is self catering so we brought all of our food.  We were incredibly lucky and had two amazing Malawian chefs prepare our meals.  Saturday morning, local fishermen brought their catch by the house so we had fresh fish grilled to perfection that night. 

Chambo Dinner

The boys played football on the beach Saturday afternoon.  They attracted a crowd of fascinated local children who crept closer and closer.  By the end, there were probably thirty children.  We entertained each other for awhile – the children danced and posed for pictures and then when they least expected it, the boys would run and chase them and they would run away laughing and screaming.  Then they would creep back up and get chased again.

Posing for the camera

Dance moves

The chase

Sunday we had too much energy after relaxing all day Saturday, so we held the Greater Blantyre Olympics.  Our two teams, Ireland and the UK versus the rest of the world, competed in a number of events:  who can dig the biggest hole in the shortest amount of time, the long jump, throwing a flip flip the farthest with your left hand, squatting against a wall for the longest amount of time, racing running backwards, and racing after spinning around ten times. It was a close competition – both teams really came out to play – but the UK and Ireland beat the rest of the world by a narrow margin. 

The silver medalists

The wall sit (Sandy won)

My long jump

Sandy's long jump

As Sandy’s boss said the other day when looking through our pictures, we are clearly having too much fun…

Too much fun...


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4 responses to “Weekend at the Lake

  1. mary r.

    Hey Kate and Sandy,
    So very glad to hear from you. I so miss your voice, Kate, when we don’t hear from you!
    Sounds like you had a great get away.
    Hope your water is back. How exciting that Ginny will be there soon!
    Mary and Ron too!

  2. Susie

    Sandy, I did not KNOW about you and the long jump. And Kate, I cannot express properly how proud I am that you (YOU) won the left-handed flip flop toss. The center place on the podium must have been quite a moment.

    Love Susie

  3. Barb Jones

    You ARE having too much fun but we so enjoy you sharing it with us! Really does look wonderful and glad you have other young friends to share it with……

  4. Jenny

    Kate and Sandy… the “long jump” pictures are CLASSIC. Sandy is about 5 feet in the air and Kate is maybe 1… I love it! Miss you guys so much!! Wish you would be here for the reunion!

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