Ginny is in Africa!

In front of St. Michael's

Late Friday evening, Sandy and I waited at the bus station for Ginny, Sandy’s youngest sister to arrive from the US.  She flew from Washington DC to Addis Ababa, Addis to Lilongwe, was met by a family friend at the airport and then she took a bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre.  In total, it was about 30 hours of travel.  We expected the bus ride to take about four hours so we were waiting patiently at 8:30 pm.  Thirty minutes went by, thirty more, and then finally at 9:45 the bus slowly ambled into the parking lot. 

She looked exhausted but excited.  She brought us a whole suitcase full of stuff from the US – everything from my Folgers Instant Mocha Chocolate cappuccino to tennis rackets.  It was like Christmas.

We went to bed early but Saturday was busy.  We took her to the big shopping center in town and then to the curio market.  She got to experience bargaining at its finest and came home with a painting.  We had dinner with friends and then watched more World Cup.

We’re so excited to have her here and can’t believe we get her for two whole months!


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4 responses to “Ginny is in Africa!

  1. Susie

    So glad you are safely there. Send us news every day!!!
    Love to you all three

  2. Bill

    Have fun Evans family! Ginny, Lea & I so wish we could also make the trip. Enjoy it!

  3. Arline Riley

    So glad she is safely there. Thinking of you three everyday. Have fun and take lots of pictures.
    much love
    arline and mike

  4. Robin

    GREAT NEWS that Ginny is with you all… I’ll be thinking of ALL of you as you enjoy being together in that wonderful place! I love you all! R xoxoxo

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