Norman Carr Cottage

We’re back! We promise we haven’t completely disappeared – we’ve had an amazing few weeks – Sandy’s been to three different countries and Ginny and I have been to the lake twice.

Sadly we just said goodbye to our friends from the US, Jeff and Meliss. We had a whirlwind tour of Malawi and Zambia.

There is so much to tell so I’ll start with our trip to the lake. Jeff and Meliss were a day late – after their flight from NYC was late to take off, they ran to their connection in Jo-burg but the door had just closed. So, they spent the night in South Africa and we spent an extra night in Lilongwe waiting for them.

The arrivals area in the Lilongwe airport is a disaster – everyone has to crowd into a narrow corridor, pushing and shoving our way to see who comes through the magical door leading to customs. We were so giddy that the man standing next to us asked who we were waiting for so excitedly. When they finally did come through the door, we rushed Jeff and Meliss and almost knocked them over.

"Muli Bwanji Ya'll"

Having survived arrivals, we hopped in the car and drove two and a half hours to the lake. There are areas of the lake closer to LLW, but we were set on staying at Norman Carr, a well-known small resort right on the water. We arrived right in time for the sunset cruise. We threw our bags down (in our upgraded suites) and climbed aboard the boat, relaxed and ready for our vacation. Norman Carr’s owner/our captain for the evening, informed us that on board, there are no rules. He hesitated and clarified that murder would be frowned upon. But otherwise we were free to climb on the many levels, take pictures, jump off, drive the boat ourselves, etc. We contended ourselves with drinking gin and tonics and enjoying the sunset.

Sunset Cruise

On a Boat!


Dining Area

The next day, after a great breakfast, complete with coffee brought to us on the beach, we got back on the boat, just the five of us. And two crew. They took us around the islands and lured fish eagles to come eat fish out of the water right by the boat. They mimicked the fish eagle call (Meliss managed a great imitation herself) and threw the fish in the water. The eagle would play it cool for a few minutes and then stealthily sweep down and grab the fish out of the water with their massive talons.

Fish Eagle

We also snorkeled. Despite the chilly water, we jumped in with flippers, goggles, and snorkels. We didn’t seem many fish, but we really enjoyed seeing how ridiculous we all looked in full snorkel gear.

Norman Carr Cottage

Our room (upgraded)

After twenty-four hours, our time at Norman Carr was over and we had to head back to LLW. Sunday morning, we headed for safari in Zambia and need to be there first thing. Our night in LLW was unremarkable except that at dinner, when they brought me shredded mozzarella for my pasta, it turned out to be shredded butter. Yep – shredded butter.

More soon about Zambia!!!


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4 responses to “Norman Carr Cottage

  1. Susie

    So, what’s weird about shredded butter? Jeff and Meliss look fabulous!!! What a great time.

  2. Barb

    So good to hear from you all after so long and we figured you must be having another fabulous time! Gorgeous scenery once again and the picture of Kate and company on the sunset cruise is beautiful. Looks like Africa really agrees with you all…….continue having fun and giving us a peek at it!!! Love you all and miss you…….

  3. Ginger

    These pictures are soooo sweet. What wonderful friends. Dad is on his way!!!

  4. Although hated, I held few Vuvus in Ottawa! Let’s not hate the that much!

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