Malawi – Evans Style

So sorry for the constant interruptions this summer – we’ve been busy traveling and having a fantastic time.  Sandy’s parents and sister, Ginny, left on Monday – it was a tearful goodbye after a really wonderful three weeks.  We were able to see so much of Malawi and still relax and spend time together.  The highlights had to be:

1 – A visit to Open Arms Infant Care Home where I’ve been volunteering.  Ginger and Alex got a firsthand look at the amazing work this place is doing, a chance to truly experience the ‘warm heart of Africa’ and interact with some precious children.

Abusa Alex getting involved

All the babies know Kate by now.

Ginny thought about taking this one home..

So cute!

2 – Doing some creative shopping – here you can often get clothes made cheaper than you can buy them – vegetables and fruit from a serious farmers’ market – and of course you need a break for coffee!

Some Grocery Shopping.

Customized Textile Orders from our personal seamstress

Our favorite (and only) coffee shop.

3 – A great dinner with friends from Blantyre and the Evans.

Like a big happy family.

4 – Sandy and Alex got to play golf together – I guess it’s a good thing Sandy brought his clubs here after all.

At Limbe Golf Club

Alex's Home Run Drive

Sue, Sandy, and Alex with their caddies

5 – Ginny saw a giraffe!  Hurray!

Ginny with Giraffes at Nyala Park.

6 – A quick trip to Mulanje – no time to climb the mountain but we got to try the pizza! We got to visit the Mulanje CCAP Mission Hospital and see where Sandy lived in 2006.

Team Evans Sr. in Mulanje

Kate's Favorite Pizza in Malawi!

The group with John Munthali, Sandy's former housemate in Mulanje Mission

7 – Staying at the luxury hotel, Ku Chawe at the top of the Zomba plateau. We woke up to rain and fog, cozy fires in the fireplace, and a breakfast complete with sushi.

View from Ku Chawe

Talk about a room with a view!

Another great view at the top of the mountain.

8 – Visiting old friends who hadn’t seen Ginger and Alex in years!

Esther, Mphatso, and Madalitso (the baby)

9 – Baby elephants!  We traveled 45 minutes on a horrible road deep into the Liwonde national park hoping to see elephants – our guide was skeptical since it was freezing cold and raining but he took us straight to a herd of forty of more!  The babies were play wrestling which has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Cold Safari Ride

This is part of a huge herd with many babies!

Add an even colder boat ride..

Freezing, but loving it!

Babies wrestling

Angry Bull Elephant

10 – A four day stay on the lake at Conforzi House, where it was chilly but relaxing.  We sat on the beach, took walks, and played a lot of cards. Thanks to our amazing cooks we also enjoyed delicious local meals.

Fresh Chambo

Loungin on the beach



Can you guess where we went to college?

The private beach house

Our stellar chefs

Dinner with the fresh chambo

11 – A final night at Dedza Pottery Lodge where we relaxed, shopped, packed, repacked, and had a great meal, wine, and cheesecake(!) before their departure in Lilongwe the next day.

This place is known for their cheesecake and coffee.

Hanging out outside the pottery shop

Amazing cheesecake!

Our last dinner before everyone headed home

12 – Skyping with Mary Katherine and Gardner and looking forward to their visit!

It was hard to say goodbye as we loved every minute of their visit.  Family is so important and as the Evans started their 29 hour journey to Richmond, we felt very far from friends, family, and home.

Still, on the beautiful four-hour drive from Lilongwe, Sandy and I recapped the trip and know that we are very lucky to call Malawi home.


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6 responses to “Malawi – Evans Style

  1. Barb

    Loved all of the family photos – you two ARE a long ways from home!!!! It WILL be amazing if one of those cute babies does not make its way back to the U.S!!!!!! They are precious and seem to have captivated ALL of you……..

  2. Kathleen

    Kate + Pizza = Pure bliss. I am so happy ya’ll have met some great people and seem to be exploring all parts of the country! Love to you both.

  3. Aunt Katherine

    What a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Much love to you both.

  4. Arline

    Thank you for all the pictures and details. Sounds like so much fun. Keep them coming!
    lots of love to both of you

  5. Wonderful photos! The baby elephants are adorable!!

  6. Melissa

    Yay for finally making it (and actually stopping) in Dedza! Hope the cheesecake was wonderful! 😉

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