First of all, that last post was full of type-o’s and I can only blame it on my terrible allergies.  I don’t know what it is, but I have been sniffling and sneezing with watery, half-closed eyes for a week.  So my apologies and thanks to my editor, Sandy.

It has surprised me that even though it is very much the dry season, there are flowers blooming everywhere.  Ever since our arrival in January, the flowers have been exquisite and of all variety, shapes,  sizes, and vibrant colors.  The truth is I expected pretty flowers in the rainy season and the following months.  Now though, it is hot, dry, and incredibly dusty.  There is a thin layer of dust covering everything!  And yet, flowers are blooming.

Growing up, Mama would take us to the plant nursery with her. She’s always had a penchant for gardening and enjoyed her Saturday mornings at Pikes, or wherever.  For my sister and me, however, it was the most boring way one could spend time.  We could entertain ourselves for ten minutes playing hide and seek amongst the shelves of tall plants and we could count the carp in the sample fish pond, but that was about it.  Now, however, I have matured.  I actually enjoy plants and have a small herb garden on our balcony.  So, Saturday morning, I dragged Sandy to the plant nursery and it was amazing!  There were so many varieties of plants, from herbs to cacti.  They were also incredibly cheap.  We bought a basil and mint for about $1.50.  Sandy ended up enjoying himself and even picked out his own fichus. 

I have become completely fascinated by bougainvillea.  You can find them in tropical climates all over the world, but here they seem particularly bright.  Saturday we bought two plants, peach and magenta.

This is also the time of year for jacarandas to bloom.  The trees have the most beautiful vibrant blue/purple flower.  The color stands out in the mostly brown, dusty landscape.  There are several roads around town with jacarandas planted on either side that create a thick canopy of violet.

I guess all of this natural beauty makes the sneezing worth it.


More jacarandas

and more jacarandas

My little garden


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5 responses to “Jacarandas

  1. Arline Taylor

    It’s a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing with me. I love plants and flowers. Good luck with yours.
    Love you, Marnine

  2. Barb

    Beautiful and so glad you are enjoying it, sneezing a and all. Sure sign of maturity when you start getting to know and enjoy all of the plant’s names! Birds are next and you will enjoy that too……do they have over the counter anti-allergy drugs there??? Keep sending those beautiful, achoo, pictures!!!!

  3. Ginger

    Sandy at a plant nursery enjoying himself – now that is an image. You are amazing Kate! Love you both so!

  4. Douglas Taylor

    I lived in Malawi as a child and I must say my mother talking about jacarandas is one of my memories.

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