The Rains have Arrived

Incoming clouds

The rains have definitely arrived.  For the past month, everyone has been talking about the rains – “because it is so hot now, we will have good rains,” or “if the flowers from the jacarandas all fall off the tree at the same time, we will have good rains,” and “the rains will come with the full moon in November.”  So far, these prophesies have come true.  Like clockwork, as the full moon rose on Saturday, it was quickly obscured by approaching rain clouds.

This week we’ve had rain rain rain.  Yesterday, we had a series of thunderstorms like I’ve never seen.  The clouds made it instantly look like night.  The thunder claps seem to reverberate off of the buildings.  The lightening lit up the whole sky, returning us to daytime, and seemed to stay lit for seconds on end.

Roads, trees, and walls around town felt the brunt of the rain.  Trees and limbs scattered the roads and entire walls fell down, including the one surrounding our front yard.

Fallen wall

I definitely need to invest in a strong umbrella and maybe some wellies.

Everyone seems happy about the rains, or “mvula” in chichewa.  For one thing, the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees.  It’s now cool and grey – perfect for Thanksgiving. 

I’m assured that the rains will stop after a few weeks and start again in January, but it’s so nice to have these big thunderstorms after no rain for months!


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2 responses to “The Rains have Arrived

  1. Susie

    Shall we bring tarps? Cannot wait to see you soon!

  2. Barb

    Great pictures….what are wellies????? Know how excited you must be about your soon-to-be arriving guests!!!!!

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