Guest Blogger John Carter

We’re back after a tough month.  Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends for your support and love.

We still have some stories to tell about Mama, Wizzie, and John’s trip to Malawi – here is Lake Malawi as told by John:

The Conforzi house is a private residence that sleeps 11 with a crew of at least that many to care for your every need.  It was extremely relaxing for all five of us to have the opportunity to kick back, walk on the beach, experience the gorgeous sunrises (usually I’m the only one up) and sunsets.  Coffee was waiting for you when you are awakened by the roosters.  You didn’t need a snooze alarm since the roosters crowed every five minutes from sunrise for about two hours, or at least until they got the attention of their many chicks. 

Conforzi House

Once our whole crew emerged, which was long after the rooster crowed, the cook would appear and take orders for breakfast, which always included the most delicious mangos ever.  Toast, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, beans (a British tradition), tomatoes,  coffee and tea.  The second day we enjoyed the best pan fried fish ever as an additional breakfast treat.  The fish is a delicacy known as Chombo but be careful how you say it because Chomba is marijuana and we definitely did not go down that road. 

The dinner menus were also at the pleasure of the guests, meaning we requested our favorites and in couple of hours the most delicious food appeared, but only after a happy hour spent watching the heavenly sunset and children playing on the beach.  The first night we had BBQ’s chicken cooked on a grill outside (charcoal is made in the villages by charring the wood and burying it.  That’s a new one on me – I purchase it at ACE Hardware and put it in my green egg or simply light the burner on my Thermador.  How spoiled we Americans are).

Happy Hour


 The second night we feasted on the Chombo, which Sandy purchased from a local fisherman who showed up at the back door with a string of 12-15 Chombo, each about the size of a 15 inch Snapper.  Sandy only bought six and the chef (I have now upgraded his status from cook since the food was so excellent) pan fried the fillets.  They were the best fish I have ever tasted and that’s saying something.  Please don’t let Ronnie Cooper know I said that because he may not fry that delicious flounder for us anymore.

The morning catch

Sandy and I played a nine hole par 3 golf course that was a part of a local lodge.  It cost us each $6 US or 900 Kwacha in Malawian currency.  The holes were surrounded by water with lizards of all kinds everywhere and a croc or two but we didn’t go in the water to find out.  However, at least five of our golf balls found the ponds and are probably now considered croc eggs.  Sandy beat me by one stroke.  I believe we spent more time at the tenth hole sipping Greens (Carlsberg Beer) after our round of nine than we did on the course.  Played the whole nine in less than 45 minutes.  Yes, we did walk, no carts here and we had a barefoot caddy who was fearless wading through the water.

Back at Conforzi, four lounge chairs and a small table magically appeared on the pristine beach for our lounging pleasure.  The only problem was you must traverse a family of baboons to secure your place of luxury.  As most of you know, that was not a problem for me. 

Relaxation on the beach

Conforzi would not be complete without Wizzie getting a group of children all excited on the beach.  They were having such a good time that mother with baby had to visit to see what was happening with this mzungu.  She approved and left the children for Wizzie to teach wild and crazy dancing with a verse or two of song.  Kate joined them and all soon began doing the hokey pokey.  What a sight to see….two Azungu and nine Malawian children singing and dancing without a care in the world. 

New Friends

Not so sure about new friends

Wizzie and her new friends

The Conforzi Gang

Hokey pokey

A running start

Later, Kate, Wizzie, and my Susie strolled through the local village playing with the children.  I’ll leave that adventure for Susie to write.  It’s a great story.  Time to take another nap.  Johnny Bee.

Til next time!


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3 responses to “Guest Blogger John Carter

  1. Barb

    Wonderful pictures and good story too. Glad that the Atlanta Carters are back on U.S. soil though!!!!!

  2. Taameem Al-Maliki

    Is your hair now taller than before? you look so beautiful, Iraqis miss your spirit in the office of IRC Silver Spring.

  3. Douglas


    Good to read about people enjoying Lake Malawi. The mountains on the other side look quite close. Is Conforzi House just a little bit up the road from Mangochi at the bottom end of the Lake?

    We are looking forward to hopefully arrive in Malawi in March.


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