My Second Rainy Season

The rains have come late this year.  It’s early April and we are still enduring a daily deluge.  I’ve written about rainstorms before, but now in my second rainy season, they are still awesome – in every sense of the word. 

The rains come in the afternoon – it’s rare you have a full rainy overcast day.  Usually the day is bright and brilliant until mid afternoon when billowing gray clouds roll in and thunder reverberates across town.

You can often hear the rain before it gets to you and then when it hits, it’s like a curtain – or a steel wall. 

The storms don’t usually last too long but dump gallons of water.  The fragile drainage system in Blantyre is ill equip to handle the downpour, which results in flash floods and sudden rivers and lakes in the middle of the road. 

Malawi drivers are much like drivers in Atlanta or DC – when it rains, everyone suddenly forgets how to drive.  Cars drive too fast or too slow.  They either forget to turn on their headlights of have their hazards on.  When it rains and it’s rush hour – forget it.  Rush hour in Blantyre usually means 15 extra minutes in traffic – but when it rains that time quadruples. 

The rains are really stunning – as the rainy season comes to a close (we think) I really will miss the sudden storms and the sheets of rain pouring down.

So here are just a few pictures of the recent rains and the puddles they create!


Rain on the balcony

Driving through the flood


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5 responses to “My Second Rainy Season

  1. Triple B

    Kate: I always enjoy your posts even though I don’t always comment. Looks like you are having an exciting life in Africa.

  2. Dotty DeCardy

    How lucky you are to experience that kind of weather. You’ll miss it whenever you leave there to do something else.


  3. Kate, I’ve enjoyed reading about heavy rains in Blantyre. I was usually in Mulanje where we also had heavy rains, the mountain would disappear, the road would become a lake, and the gutters at the hospital would become small rivers. I always thought it was wonderful that it did not get cold during the rain.

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