Mozambique: the Beach

First a game of football

Let me take just one minute to describe this beach – after all, it took two days to get there and is hyped as being one of top ten beaches in the world.

Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe it.  The beaches are white, soft sand and are bounded by green, leafy palm trees and turquoise waters.  The tide is really long so that in the mid afternoon, the beach stretches far enough for local boys to play a complete soccer game.  In the evenings, the water comes almost up to the lodge so that you can hear the soft waves.

The water is glistening shades of bright blue, turquoise, green, grey, and purple.  The light makes it sparkle and so clear you can see all the way to the bottom.  The depth changes with the tide, which makes the colors constantly change.

The beach at Vilankulo is a working beach.  The shore is dotted with brightly colored dhows (traditional Arab sailing vessels found throughout Eastern Africa).  At any time of day, you will see men fishing or hauling in large nets.  One morning I came across a man who proudly showed off his fish which he had caught with a mask, snorkel, and a spear.

The system seems to be that the men fish and then the women set up impromptu markets on the beach.  There you will find small mountains of crabs, huge fish, small bait fish, clams, squid, and giant crayfish.

Seafood Market

So while you’re relaxing on the beach, drinking a local beer, soaking in the sun, you can talk to local fishermen, purchase a crayfish the size of a mini cooper, and have your lodge cook it up for dinner… um, yes please!

Catch of the day balanced on her head

Improptu seafood market

Children digging for clams

Hauling in the nets

Emptying nets into the dhow

Morning catch


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  1. Barb

    So glad Sandy’s job affords you so many beautiful trips!! Have never seen water like that in my life……..such a simple and innocent way of life……..very descriptive!

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