Mozambique: the Cuisine

Now that Kate’s had her time to talk about dhows, I’ll tell you the real reason we went to Mozambique.

While the beaches were beautiful, the people were great, and the setting was perfect, a real highlight of the trip, and potentially the main reason why we decided to travel so far down the Mozambique coast to Vilankulo was the food.

We actually found that we spent most of our time in Mozambique talking about food. We were either eating it and talking about how amazing it was, or discussing what we would do for our next meal: grill a locally bought giant crayfish, go have a calamari steak, or just have a platter of giant prawns and freshly made crab cakes on the beach. It was all delicious.

Besides breakfast, we arrived in Mozambique and ate 10 straight seafood meals. We would have had seafood for breakfast too, but there was an amazing bakery in town.

Here is the calamari steak we enjoyed at a little restaurant right on the beach overlooking an impromptu seafood market:

Calamari steak
Cafe latte and pastries

Waiting for more pastries to arrive

And now on the to pastries.  We had heard about this bakery before our trip.  Half of it sells the famous Portuguese rolls – dense, white, amazing rolls – and always has a line out the door and around the block.  The other half is where we parked ourselves and enjoyed amazing cafe lattes and a doughnut.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was a good doughnut, but coming from the land of Krispy Kreme, I’m a bit spoiled.  I was beginning to worry that the bakery wasn’t as good as we had heard.

Then they started bringing out trays.  Bountiful trays of pastries right out of the oven.  There were pastries with custard, pastries with cream, pastries with coconut and dusted sugar.  We just sat as the trays arrived and sampled each new delicacies – you know, just to be polite.  It embarrassingly got the point where they just brought us the newest arrival without us even asking for it.  And then of course, once we had identified our favorite pastry, we each had to have more of those…

I’m not even going to tell you how many times we frequented this bakery.

A welcome change from Carlsberg

As I mentioned earlier, since Carlsberg has a monopoly on the Malawi beer market, it was exciting to try new beers.  All of the Mozambican beer that we tried was really good – this was our favorite.  It was hard to find beer served in anything but a tall boy.

Caught with a mask, snorkel, and spear


This guy caught his seafood, including this crab, with nothing but a mask, snorkel and a rudimentary spear.  We didn’t eat this particular crab, but the crab we did have was some of the best I’ve had.  We would pick it right there on the beach.

We had one night devoted to lobster….

Lobster (crayfish) dinner!

And then here are some photos of our incredible seafood feast on the beach – which was prepared on the dhow!

Cooking on the dhow

Grilling fish on the dhow

Setting up seafood feast on the beach

Enjoying our seafood feast

So now you know the real reason we wanted to go to Mozambique.


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6 responses to “Mozambique: the Cuisine

  1. I have just looked at where this place is on the map. Wow, it is a long way down. What sort of prices were you paying for these meals?

  2. Alex

    So awesome. We do love our food. Great story and pics! Miss you!!

  3. Steve Drumheller

    Somehow, grilling on a wooden dhow seems a bit risky! (but it sure looks good!)

  4. Barb

    You two are going to be so spoiled, you may never come back home! Please remember how much we all miss you!!!!

  5. Dotty DeCardy

    I want to do what you are doing!

  6. Arline Riley

    I want to be you!! B

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