August 1

We just got back from a lovely holiday in Tanzania.  Despite leaving the day after the protests, we were eager to return home and be back in Malawi.

Things have calmed down here – there is petrol (!) in the petrol stations, but very little diesel.  The protest leaders have issued a petition with a list of demands (having a steady supply of dieseland petrol, for example) to the President and await his response.  Should he not respond or not address the issues, further protests and demonstrations are planned for August 17th.

Many thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers for Malawi.  It was an important day in Malawian history as people stood up for themselves and their rights.  Sadly, at least 19 people lost their lives and millions of kwacha in damage was done.

We will keep you all posted and keep writing about all of the things we love about living here…


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4 responses to “August 1

  1. Anonymous

    Glad things have calmed down somewhat and that you both are safe….. Barb

  2. Dotty

    Please be safe! if you feel safe, stay. If not, please leave.

  3. Mary and Ron

    So glad you had a good trip and that you are safe! Your love for Malawi and its people comes through every word.
    We will so be thinking about you in the days ahead.

  4. Anonymous

    Greetings from Lynn Barber and the Malawi Committee at BPC. It is great fun to follow your travels and daily living on the blog, Kate. It brings back many memories of my first trip with Alex and others. The second time I went it was just Barbara Michelsen and me and we had a very different kind of trip but each time has been special.

    Thanks for sharing your travels to Mozambique and Tanzania, such fun.
    God Bless,

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