Keeping the Elephants at Bay

One of the most beautiful aspects of Zanzibari architecture is the carved wooden door.  There are different distinct styles, including the Arabic (the carvings form a rectangle over the door) and Indian (the carvings form a semi-circle over the door).  As I read to Sandy about the doors from my guidebook, he smiled indulgently at my guide-book-nerdiness, but I noticed that later, he recited it all verbatim to our friends as if he had written a dissertation: I Know Everything there is to Know about Carved Wooden Door in Zanzibar.  Did you know that the decorative brass spikes protruding from Indian-style doors were originally placed out of necessity – to protect the doors against marauding elephants?  See?  Fascinating stuff….


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5 responses to “Keeping the Elephants at Bay

  1. Anonymous

    I read his dissertation on the Doors of Zanzibar — it was excellent! A best seller. Great post — keep them coming. Love you all

  2. 2frugalfoodies

    love the picture collage! and love you!!

  3. Barbara Jones

    Ahhh – so you have a guide book and that is how you tell us all so much about everything you see!!!! It is all fascinating…….

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, the doors are so interesting and beautiful. Did you go to the House of Wonders, one of the sultans old palaces? Zanzibar is so fascinating. I am missing Malawi, but Korea is nice also.

  5. Dotty DeCardy

    How I wish I could have one of those doors. Saudi Araba also has some interesting doors.

    Love your posts. Be safe and keep them coming.


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