It’s the little things…

There are so many things I love about Malawi.  The smiling, waving children – actually, the smiling, waving people of every age.  The weather, the lake, the mountains, the fact that people take time for genuine interpersonal communication.  All of the things you can read about in a guide book…

I’ve lived in Malawi now for 20 months.  I still love all of these parts of life here, but I fear I start to take them for granted.  So I really enjoy the small unexpected things that happen on a daily basis that make me love this country even more.

I thought I’d try and capture some of these things – the small things that make me laugh or make me happy – or make me confused.

For example, this has been our stoplight for the past several week:

Hard to tell what to do on this one...

This one - maybe just stop for this one...

It switches from red to red/yellow to red/green.  The best part is that traffic continues on as if nothing is amiss.  I’m the only one, slowing down, looking up at the light, thinking that this is not a very helpful system.  Everyone else just decides whether they want the light to be red, yellow, or green, and then proceed with somewhat reckless abandon.  I also find it humorous that this was not a one time glitch.  This went on for weeks.

It’s very confusing  but it’s one of those small, entertaining, daily reminders that I live in a foreign and sometimes very mysterious place.


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9 responses to “It’s the little things…

  1. Anonymous

    Traffic lights don’t make any difference in Atlanta either!

  2. Edwin

    What a great experience you are both having. I love your posts and always read them but rarely comment. Keep them coming and know that you are missed.
    Take Care, Edwin

  3. Anonymous

    Eating the worm, traffic-style!

  4. 2frugalfoodies

    great post! I’d definitely be trapped in mid-intersection awkwardness on that red-green one.. who KNOWS!

  5. Mary and Ron

    Oh Kate, we so enjoy your writing and even tho’ we haven’t been to Malawi, we love it too because you have given it to us over and over with your beautiful words. We think we would also love Zanzibar as you did!
    Be careful going through those lights!!!!

  6. Barbara Jones

    How cute……

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