Brief Hiatus

Hi everyone,

We’re going home for a few weeks so won’t be online much!  Instead we’ll be enjoying the joys of the United States of America…

First and foremost, Family and Friends!

And then, in no particular order:

Southern Bar-B-Q

Starbucks (I know, I know… but it’s so good!  Eggnog Lattes, people!)

Driving on the right (and correct) side of the road

Cold weather

Christmas music

Figuring out how to use a smart phone

Trying to shake my pseudo-English accent and get back to my moderate twang

Catching up on trashy reality TV

Annoying my sister with my inability to adjust back to the states (look at this giant shopping mall!  what is this moving staircase?)

Watching football in high-def

Wine from a bottle (not a box) and from somewhere other than South Africa

Turning on the tap and knowing that water will come out; flipping the light switch and knowing there will be electricity

Did I mention family and friends?!


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2 responses to “Brief Hiatus

  1. Susie Carter

    Beloved Kate and Sandy
    Starbucks is glad you are home and SO ARE WE!!

  2. Triple B

    You’re hilarious!

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