Friendliest People in the World

The Lonely Planet Travel Guide Company has ranked Malawi as one of the world’s Top Ten Friendliest Countries!  Along with countries like Ireland, the USA, and Vietnam, Malawi is the only African country to make the list.


Malawians describe themselves as ‘the friendliest people in Africa’, living in the ‘warm heart of the continent’. Anyone who’s visited will know that the rare (for Africa) cohesion of the country’s ethnic groups is solid evidence for this, as is the people’s propensity to welcome you into their homes as well as their nation. Malawi is small, poor and without a lot of facilities, but with a greeting like that who needs Western-style comfort?

Of course, we already knew that Malawi is one of the friendliest places on Earth.  And here are some more lists I would add Malawi to:

World’s Most Strong and Beautiful Women

World’s Cutest Children

World’s Most Gorgeous Landscape

World’s Most Beautiful Mountains

World’s Most Beautiful Tea Estates

World’s Most Crystal Clear Lakes

World’s Most Amazing Beach Lodges

World’s Greatest Game Parks

World’s Best Mangoes and Avocados

World’s Worst Public Transportation Drivers

Some of the Friendliest People in the World:


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7 responses to “Friendliest People in the World

  1. Susie Carter

    If our visit to Malawi in December of 2010 is any indication of the truth of this post, it is right on! The people whom we met were fantastic — from Blantyre to the Lake to Zomba — indeed, the friendliest people ever! Even the police were wonderful!!!

  2. Taameem Al-Maliki

    Hi Kate, the two women in the 1st pic are so cute, you are right , from their faces one could know how friendly and nice are these people… thanks for sharing… all the best.

  3. Beautifully written, Kate. I agree with “strong and beautiful women.” I think probably almost all African women are strong because they have to be. I used to go to the hospital early in the morning to make rounds on patients who had had major surgery the day before. I found that many of the women had already gotten up and taken a cold shower even before I got to the hospital. There were no towels so their wet chitenjes gave them away.

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  5. Jennifer

    As a Malawian living in NY, I stumbled on your blog and just want to say thank you – this has made me homesick and proud to be Malawian……… glad you enjoyed living in Malawi – wishin g you all the best

  6. Anonymous

    Looking at the kids smiles just as if everything’s fine but look at their clothes. I feel so much pain i need to do something about this.
    What about you????

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