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Drive from Lilongwe to Blantyre

Here are a few pictures from our five hour drive south.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  It was: “wake-up, you’re in Africa!”  So we stayed awake, until dark, at least.  We nodded off for the rest of the trip.  I would open my eyes every once and a while to see us barreling down a narrow two-lane road, narrowly passing people walking and biking on the left and huge trucks on the right.  I thought to myself “huh, silly to be scared of the plane when this road is terrifying” and fell back asleep.  It felt like the night bus on Harry Potter.

The Director of Sandy’s new office welcomed us at his home, knowing we might be too tired to cook ourselves dinner.  He offered us a wonderful dinner and champagne to celebrate.  As we’d been traveling for about 33 hours, I’m sure our attempts at conversation less than spectacular, but he was kind and understanding.  Knowing none of our bags made it and that we were not in a state to sit around and talk, he sent us home with clothes, toiletries, and a bottle of red wine – for which I will always be in his debt.

We got to our new home, took cold showers (as we couldn’t find the hot water heater switch) slathered on the insect repellent and fell into bed.


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