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Ty Pennington Would be Proud

While I have loved almost everything about our new home, there is one thing that I have not liked… the red wall in the living room/dining room.  While it seems to be a popular color for homes here, it’s just not me.  It’s too dark and too… red.  So, Sandy’s company very graciously bought us paint and even offered to paint it.  As I am home most days alone, I was excited to have a project and decided to paint it myself.  They brought Sandy a color wheel and asked him to pick a color.  With the help of his colleagues, he picked a bright turquoise blue called “ocean jewel.”  It was a bit of a departure from the Carolina blue I would have picked, but it’s absolutely perfect and I love it!  It’s very fresh and tropical.

In one day, I completed the job with two coats of paint and Sandy did the parts close to the ceiling where I couldn’t reach.  Now, finally, the room is finished!  I also used some old curtains as slip covers for the chairs and loveseats, and put pictures up on the wall above the TV.  It’s much brighter and much more like home!


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